Executive summary

Mansions by the Lake provides an opportunity to live by the beautiful Lake Scugog. Be apart of the warm and welcoming community located on the exclusive, Bayside Road. Enjoy one of the multiple exclusive, high-end homes on Bayside with easy access to the beach and to the infamous Great Blue Heron Casino. This opportunity is a once is a lifetime experience. Be apart of the unique M Realty by the Lake community!

facilities & features

  • Smart home package
  • Large driveway
  • Majestic balcony and terrace
  • Easy beach access


16941 Simcoe Street, Scugog

Project type

Single Family Dwellings

Approx. GFA

147,000 sq ft


Q4 2020

Why Invest in Scugog?

  1. Development: Government invests in town to become a gigabit smart community.
  2. Prices: Home prices increased by 6% in 2017.
  3. Appreciation: Values of homes increased by 8.1% in 2017.
  4. Regeneration: Government invests millions in town’s infrastructure and resources.
  5. Location: One of Ontario’s prime cottage countries.
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