M Realty’s success is driven by an integrated proprietary intellectual business system (“PIBS”) that leverages key success touchstones. This system allows us to identify prime real estate opportunities and offer them to our partners with full confidence in their potential.


M Realty recognizes the benefit of partners who have history, credibility and established networks in the North American real estate industry. Often our partners are substantial non-leveraged land owners thus mitigating initial risk. Their local intelligence and land footprints create unique barriers to entry.

Geographic uniqueness

North America is an ecologically and sustainable growth market.  We select cities which in their master planning created designated nodes for high density with the intention of further reducing urban sprawl. In sum, the government policies have led to significant reduction in available land to develop and placed constant pressure on rising property prices. M Realty and its partners are seizing prime land holdings in the permitted areas of development throughout Canada and US.


The company has an exceptionally talented team with decades of successful business experience and good depth of understanding of;

LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The team has well developed cross cultural communication skills creating a management synergy and an uniform adherence to the corporate mandates.

CONNECTIVITY. Key executives are well connected to political decision makers at all levels of government. The company works closely with local government officials to understand the implications of changing polices (immigration, environmental, planning, political agenda) and planning departments to ensure proposed developments are in line with all stakeholder requirements. In sum, government relations provides early intelligence on emerging market opportunities and leverage to overcome development obstacles and related business risks. M Realty also enters into qualified P3 investment opportunities with governments.

BENEVOLENCE. The company is very committed to working with qualified groups in society that may benefit from a hand up and support to their charitable goals.