M Realty’s strategic advantage is its combination of proprietary deal flow, unique selected team and access to capital through its relationships with significant international investors; boosting investor opportunities, building relationships and providing greater, stronger and mutually successful real estate development and management strategies.


M Realty established a network of development stakeholders; including local city officials, land owners, developers, financiers, construction and real estate experts as well as a team of deal advisors. Through this network, M Realty has access to private deals before they are marketed.

Access to international capital

M Realty has long-standing relationships with some of the world’s largest strategic investors, high net worth individuals and institutional investors. These groups are able to quickly deploy large scale capital into real estate projects.

Knowledgeable, reasonable and trustworthy deal partners who seek returns commensurate with defined risks.

Active deal professionals who bring – to each investment, a strategic network capital.

Committed, proactive and responsive partners who can work alongside city officials and partners to anticipate changes and where required—deploy additional resources and expertise to projects to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk.

Capital from large, high-profile international financiers that can quickly be deployed into sold projects.